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The 2023 Tournament

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Welcome Sports Fans...the 2023 Drake Skull Tournament has well and truly kicked off...most teams have now played a game and teams are getting settled in their tactics and game plans. The latest League Standings, together with the fixture list and League structure are take a look and let's hear it for the Teams!!!

Drake Skull trophy - fixtures list - update 27th March.jpg
League table 27th March 2023.jpg
Drake Skull trophy - league structure - update 27th March.jpg

Teams to be registered


By the 24th December 2022, any team of man, beast, creature or other thing whether living or dead, is to formally submit its entry into the Tournament for the Drake Skull Trophy, by imprinting the mark of its team captain's face into the book, more recently known as the "facebook", and confirming its team name.


Tournament Structure


Teams will be entered, by the Tournament Master, into either the East Chestnut Conference or the West Chestnut Conference. All teams will play each other and the top ranked team in each Conference will play each other in the Grand Final for the Drake Skull Trophy.


Tournament Master


The Tournament Master has the final ruling over the rules, results and the universe...anyone/thing disagreeing will be vapourised in a split second!


Team Structure


Any restrictions / limits to be advised in due course


Game Schedule


To be advised in due course but Tournament will commence in March 2023 - some games may be played remotely but it is expected that most will be played at the new arena known as the Burr Gess. It is anticipated that two games will be played against two different opponents at each meeting at Burr Gess.


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