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The Drake Skull Trophy

In the very early days of ancient times, in the principality of the Hurtford Shire, the Dwarves of East Chestnut were once again at war with the Orcs of West Chestnut! After many a year of tumultuous battles, King Dain of the Dwarves and Warmaster Brak of the Orcs agreed to settle their dispute with a game of Bloodbowl in the arena of the ancient Chestnut Pond...a date and time were set and both Dwarf and Orc assembled their respective teams of heroes and athletes. At the appointed time, mid Summer's Eve just before sundown, surrounded by light of a thousand torches, the crowds of creatures from Unfield, Arlow, Stefanage, Oddsdon and Ralfhams Abbey together with some from the mysterious Where, and other outlying districts, assembled to witness the the lighting of the ceremonial goat, the game began.

The details of how the actual game played out have unfortunately been lost to myth and legend, but the game is recorded as being a bloody one and ending in a draw with both teams utterly exhausted! King Dain and Warmaster Brak met on the field, standing amongst the remains of their teams, and were about to draw weapons to settle the matter the old fashined way when the sound of large wing beats reached their ears! Turning their gaze to the darkened sky, the dark silhouette of an Eppin Fire Drake could be seen against the light of the moons! In an instant, the Drake swooped down towards the Cheshunt Pond arena...Dain unshouldered his mighty axe whilst Brak drew his two handed cleaver. As the Drake came to the arena, Dain swung his axe slicing off the top layer of the Drake's head and at that same time, Brak's cleaver severed the head from the huge body of the dragon...with a thump the cleaved Drake's head landed on the pitch as the dragon's limp body fell with a large splash into the Chestnut Pond!

With both both Dwarf and Ork exhausted, they both simultaneously came to the realisation that there was enough blood spilt that day. They agreed, upon the head of the Drake, to reconvene in a year's time to replay the Bloodbowl game to settle the matter. 

Ever since, a fragile peace has been held between the denizens of Hurtford Shire as Dwarf, Ork and many other races of creatures compete to hold the Drake Skull trophy along with the bragging rights, for each year.

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