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Age Of Sigmar - 28mm

An absolutely fantastic Age of Sigmar Friday last night… thanks to all who came along. Great looking figures from everyone (paint jobs I’m of course referring to!).

The Sky Dwarves and Nighthaunt played out a close draw on the snow-covered necropolis. One of the Kharadron contraptions was taken out by those ghosts, but the Dwarven guns still made their mark.

Skaven and a Chaos warband clashed along the woodland road. The Skaven Plague Monks were tough to beat and were somewhat of a roving horde. But The Warband earned the victory…. the Skaven slinking back to their den.

The Slaves to Darkness clashed with the big bugs of Nurgle in and around the town…the powerful Nurgle army were tough and made it a one-sided affair. Those bugs were strong and buzzed around with quite some pace. A Nurgle victory.

And the other Chaos Warband clashed with the forces of Tzentch. Both armies got stuck in! Each side had its “killer” unit which dished out the casualties, but the Warband edged out to earn the win.

Great games.

Next AoS is Friday 4th March. Put it in your diaries everyone.

Enjoy the pics.

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