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Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar is the intellectual property of Gamesworkshop

Gaze upon thy portal from this mortal realm unto the Age of Sigmar...

The Story so far...

The Mortal Realms shudder under the determined onslaught of Chaos. 

In the Realm of Ghyran, the “Realm of Life”, the forces of Order clings desperately to the Mysterium Key and have hastily withdrawn back into the apparent safety and seclusion of the Woodland Glade – the Sylvaneth, honouring their ancient obligation, are preparing to defend the Mysterium Temple at all costs. 

Chaos continues to claim the lands and relentlessly approaches from all directions. Invoking the ancient treaties of Sigmar, the Sylvaneth have no choice but to call for the forces of Order to provide assistance – a Sylvaneth ambassador is sent to seek counsel with the Stormcast Eternals at the Assembly of Order in Azyr. 

However, the relentless incursion of Chaos continues. The Khorne army makes its way to the Woodland Glade to retrieve the key, whilst the Khorne Demon army seeks to eliminate the Kharadon trading post of Bazak-Nom on the outskirts of the

Woodland Glade. Meanwhile, the Skaven return to Elheim...where it all started!  


Chapter 1 - The Battle of the Fetid Swamp

Chaos approaches, taking a route, unknown to them, that is perilously near the Fetid Swamp...

Ghoulank Bloodbound, the Mutilator of the Red Mist, is the Khorne Warrior Leader and is determined to retrieve the Mysterium Key and reach the Temple. He has led his warband through the Fetid Swamp for three days on his way to the Woodland Glade, tracking diligently the retreat of the Sylvaneth.  The thought of more blood being spilled for the Khorne is enticing.

But, in the dwindling light, Ghoulank hears the telltale sound of approaching creatures and then the guttural howl of Orruks... its an ambush!

Zagdrog Faceshredda, the Orruk Warlord of the Fetid Swamp, has been watching this

Chaos band weaving its way along the outskirts of his swamp... no one comes near the Fetid Swamp without Zagdrog’s personal permission and without payment to pass! This is the chance for the Orruk Swamp Clan to collect its tithe, in blood!

Chaos vs Orruks; each army to be a maximum of 750points and must have two battlelines and one Leader. Battleplan = “The Trap”

Chaos Leader = Ghoulank Bloodbound (the “invader”)

Orruk Leader = Zagdrog Faceshredda (the “ambusher”)


Chapter 2 - The bone tithe at Elhiem 

Now that things have quietened down, the Skaven felt the time to leave the Chaos stronghold and to head back to Elhiem and take the opportune moment to loot the village and reclaim their Kingdom under the Earth. Elheim was devastated in the epic battle a number of years ago and perhaps now the time is right to return. 

Vermin Lord Zneel Lowripper emerges, tentatively from the undergrowth and spies the outskirts...the village looks deserted, which is what it expected. With a rapid click of his gnashers, the horde of Skaven acknowledge the signal and emerge into the open ready to loot the village and reclaim their underworld kingdom. The Skaven hesitate...


Zneel Lowripper sees a lone emaciated figure clad in rags approach. He states in a rasping voice, that he is Vorkmineas The Immortal Knight, the Ruthless Purifier of the Immortis Rift. And then he demands tithe payment... in bone!  

The Skaven twitch nervously as the Ossirach Bonereaper army steps into view. The Bonereapers manoeuvre as one and simultaneously ready their weapons... Vorkmineas appears to smile! 

Bonereapers vs Skaven; each army to be a maximum of 750points and must have two battlelines and one Leader. Battleplan = “Sudden Assault”

Bonereaper Leader = Vorkmineas The Immortal Knight

Skaven Leader = Zneel Lowripper


Chapter 3 - The confrontation at Bazak-Nom


The Kharadon, after withdrawing from their unsuccesful assault on the Chaos stronghold, received the call for assistance from the Sylvaneth in the Woodland Glade – in their ever resourceful manner they, without hesitation, establish an advance trading post of Bazak-Nom on the outer extremities of the Woodland Glade.


They take stock and calculate their next move to try and free their Clan Leader from the clutches of Chaos. From here, in BazakNom, Davik Thunderclad Merchant of the Outer Realm can establish valuable trade with the Woodland Glade, potentially find new allies and also offer support to the Sylvaneth. 

A Kharadon emissary is dispatched to the Woodland Glade to converse with the Sylvaneth folk whilst the Kharadon advance party establish its trading post.  Then, a Kharadon scout reports that the Chaos army, under the control of Khagrakka Headsplitter, has entered the realm and is fast approaching the trading post. The Kharadon ready themselves.

Khagrakka Headsplitter sees the Kharadon ahead – issuing the signal to the Chaos host the forces spread out to encircle the Kharadon outpost. This is the chance for Khagrakka Headsplitter to eliminate the Kharadon for their assault on the stronghold, and in doing so open the way into the Woodland Glade. He draws his sword in readiness!

Kharadon vs Chaos; each army to be a maximum of 750points and must have two battlelines and one Leader. Battleplan = “Watchtower”

Kharadon Leader = Davik Thunderclad (the “Guardian”)

Khorne Demon Leader = Khagrakka Headsplitter (the “Invader”)


Friday 4th Feb at 7pm.

Chapter 4 - Marking Territory

The forces of Chaos are being pushed back now that the Order has gained some, perhaps, temporary support from Destruction and Death. The forces of Order are building up with more reinforcements and factions on their way....the Mysterium Temple is currently secure in the hands of the forces of Order and the key to unlock it has reached it! If Chaos cannot turn the tide then Order will become the dominant power in this realm. 

For this coming Friday, same rules apply, you need a 750point army (or as close to it as you can, but no more than) with at least two battleline units. Match ups will be as follows:

Andy (Bonereapers) vs Kieran (Slaves to Darkness)
Martin (Kharadron) vs Scott (Nighthaunt)
Bertie (Orruks) vs Bob J (Chaos)
Steve (Skaven) vs Simon (Chaos)
Billy (Chaos) vs Bob (Nurgle)

The scenario will be from the Generals Handbook 2021... Marking Territory.

The saga continues...

Age of Sigmar Rules
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